Residential Lawn Care & Landscaping


Residential Landscape Design & Lawn Maintenance


Our basic lawn maintenance which includes mowing, edging and debris removal.

Includes our basic lawn maintenance in addition to fertilization and weed control. We also provide bed work, mulching and pruning to various degrees as requested.

Our signature lawn care service. A hassle-free, turn-key package. Much more than just cutting your grass, watching us work is similar to watching a pit crew. From mowing with commercial vacuum mowers that create crisp baseball field-type lines in the turf, to manicured edges with a signature three-angle cut. Something as simple as blowing off the walkways and debris removal is done in a manner that sets us apart from the rest. Every fine detail is executed with a surgeon’s precision.

Residential Landscape Design Services

Virginia Landscapes is one of the Hampton Roads region’s premier residential landscape design and build companies. We’ve designed and built creative landscape plans for literally hundreds of residential and commercial properties throughout Southeast Virginia.

Residential Lawn & Turf Maintenance Services

Virginia Landscape’s lawn maintenance division – Morris Lawn Maintenance – performs varying levels of service contracts to fit your budget and needs. Whether it is basic lawn cutting, edging and debris removal to our Elite service that’s like viewing you own professional lawn pit crew in action covering details down to cross-cut lawn patterns for that added touch of quality lawn care..

Water Garden & Pond Design & Builds

Nothing quite conveys relaxation than sitting within your own serene water garden complete with self-sustaining and ecologically designed waterfalls, plants, Koi fish, and accent lighting. Virginia Landscapes has years of experience designing beautiful and functional ponds and water gardens that follow the natural topography of your property’s environment and enhancing it with a professional design and build that is sure to add value to your home or business.