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Consultation, Budgeting & Planning

Virginia Landscapes is recognized as one of the leading residential and commercial landscape design and build firms in the Hampton Roads region. We're known for listening to our clients ideas and developing creative solutions and a surprisingly affordable cost.

Contact us for a no obligation initial consultation. If you like what we have to offer, you can then decide if you'd like us to proceed with a design and project pricing.We can then tweak it to fit your desires and budget.

Landscape Design

Being creative takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to planning a landscape design. Apart from looking at the property as a canvas, many more details also are taken into consideration when planning a new landscape design.

Factors such as seasonal growth of certain plants to maintain year-round presentation, how the space will be used (kids- pets, etc...), the region's climate, the quality of the soil and light sources, and more to ensure a visually pleasing and functional design.

Since we are a "green" company in every sense of the word, we also take ecological considerations into our designs, as well.

Design Implementation

Once we've determined your design we will then schedule the project giving a tentative time frame for completion. during construction, we will take into consideration to keep our work area as organized as possible to keep from interrupting your daily activities.

Sit back and relax while our professional landscaping crew implements every detail of the plan to your satisfaction.

We will also take care of details such as initiating Miss Utility markings for gas and power lines, filing for permits and following your homeowner association or municipal requirements.

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hampton, newport news,williamsburg,poquoson,yorktown,york county

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Lawn Maintenance Plans - Level 1

Our basic lawn maintenance which includes mowing, edging and debris removal.

lawn care companies - level 2

Includes our basic lawn maintenance in addition to fertilization and weed control. We also provide bed work, mulching and pruning to various degrees as requested.

lawn care companies - level 2

Our signature lawn care service. A hassle-free, turn-key package. Much more than just cutting your grass, watching us work is similar to watching a pit crew. From mowing with commercial vacuum mowers that create crisp baseball field-type lines in the turf, to manicured edges with a signature three-angle cut. Something as simple as blowing off the walkways and debris removal is done in a manner that sets us apart from the rest. Every fine detail is executed with a surgeon's precision.