hampton roads lawn care companies - Morris Lawn serviceMORRIS LAWN MAINTENANCE SERVICES

Residential Lawn & Turf Services

Lawn Aeration & Seeding

We offer aeration and seeding services in the early Fall that reap benefits in the Spring. This works especially well in conjunction with our fertilization and weed control program. Core aeration and high quality seed are one of the best ways to revitalize your turf.

Turf Management

We realize that no two lawns are exactly alike. Different owners have different perspectives and different circumstances. That’s why we believe that a turf management program has to be created for each individual home. "Any” application will not help you achieve the best results. We have created our own custom fertilization and weed control program using predominantly organic material. This organic program is a much healthier approach than the popular synthetic products.

Along with an ‘organic’ approach to fertilization, we are able to identify and control most broadleaf weeds. The true definition of a weed is a plant growing where it is not wanted. We are able to help you selectively control the Bermuda grass out of your fescue, or the fescue out of your Bermuda.

Landscape Mulching

We offer high quality shredded hardwood mulch. Typically we mulch in January and February and then provide a light dusting after the spring and fall flowers bloom. For those that prefer a fresh look year round, we offer mulching twice a year, installed spring and fall in conjunction with annual flowers. We can install mulch on small and large job sites.

Landscape Pruning

We are Virginia Certified Horticulturists. Thus, proper pruning practices are something that we pride ourselves on. Knowing the species of plant material that we are working on and the pruning technique desired for it is the best way to maintain the appearance and curb appeal of a site. For example, Crape Myrtles should be pruned over the winter and also thinned, having damaged or crossing branches removed. Pampass Grass can be pruned in early March. We do not cut it during the winter because the leaves act as an insulator and help the plant survive our less than tropical winters. Shrubs can be pruned every three to six weeks.

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hampton roads lawn maintenance companies
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hampton roads lawn maintenance companies
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hampton roads lawn maintenance companies
hampton, newport news,williamsburg,poquoson,yorktown,york county
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Lawn Maintenance Plans - Level 1

Our basic lawn maintenance which includes mowing, edging and debris removal.

lawn care companies - level 2

Includes our basic lawn maintenance in addition to fertilization and weed control. We also provide bed work, mulching and pruning to various degrees as requested.

lawn care companies - level 2

Our signature lawn care service. A hassle-free, turn-key package. Much more than just cutting your grass, watching us work is similar to watching a pit crew. From mowing with commercial vacuum mowers that create crisp baseball field-type lines in the turf, to manicured edges with a signature three-angle cut. Something as simple as blowing off the walkways and debris removal is done in a manner that sets us apart from the rest. Every fine detail is executed with a surgeon's precision.